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Swim with Sharks

Posted by Casper Daugaard | January - 12 - 2015 | 0 Comment

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We have built a fashion company called Spylight. It uses technology to make content shoppable. What does that mean? If you are watching Scandal and really want to own Olivia Pope’s iconic coat, you can use Spylight to buy it. The same goes for Rachel’s sweater on Glee.

Making television wardrobes shoppable is hardly a new idea, but it has been very difficult to do in the past. However, the rise of iPhones and social media have changed the landscape completely, and created a unique opportunity to make Hollywood your personal stylist.

One of the most insanely popular characters on Spylight is Jess from New Girl, played by the beautiful Zooey Deschanel. Her normcore fashion is an enormous source of inspiration to many. For instance, Jess’ dress from Episode 3 of this season is a great example of her style.

Jess’ stylistic influence rubs off on her male co-stars. The purpose of their wardrobes is to be a backdrop to Jess, to go unnoticed. Which is exactly what makes their fashion footprint so powerful and desirable. Take Nick, who has made a phenomenon out of the classic checkered flannel shirt – an item woefully underrepresented in the typical Normcore wardrobe.

At Spylight, we believe that stories can change lives. And we’ll start with your wardrobe.

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